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By GT Capitals, 01/04/19, 3:00PM EST


It's just three simple words but they can change the direction of a game.

Gone are the days when a defenceman can rely on a hook, slash or an obstruction to defend an offensive player. With an increased emphasis on speed in today's game, we need to work towards a puck first, then body mentality.

Referees have a heightened awareness for the clutch and grab in an attempt to defend. Now, more than ever an active, responsible stick is an important tool to defend.

An active stick reinforced, by proper body positioning and skating technique, is an undervalued skill in today’s game. How you position yourself and your stick will dictate what your opponent can and cannot do.

The single biggest teaching point when coaching defensive hockey (whether forwards or defence) is Stick on Puck.

When skating backwards, defenders should not have two hands on their stick as it limits the space they are able to defend and doesn’t allow them to maximize their reach. Defencemen are now encouraged to extend their sticks from the outset when defending the rush as opposed to "surprising" opponents with poke checks. This allows the defender to redirect passes and shots away from the intended target and disrupts time and space for the attacker. 

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