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GTHL Tiering for Playoffs

By GT Capitals, 02/16/19, 5:45AM EST


The divisions with 15 or more teams will be playing in a tiered schedule format for the 2018-19 GTHL season. A single round robin will take place as phase one of the regular season. The results of phase one will determine the tiering for the remainder of the season. The top eight teams will play in Tier I, while the remainder of the teams will play in Tier II.

A “first to 3 points” cross-over “play-in” series between lower seeded Tier 1 teams and higher seeded Tier II will determine the playoff participants, which will be a field of 8 teams. If two teams are tied at 2 points each after the second play-in game then a series-deciding “mini-game” will be played immediately following game 2 to decide the play-in series winner.

The following 10 divisions have 15 or more teams and will be tiered for the 2018-2019 season:

East West
Minor Atom “A” Atom “AA”
Minor Peewee “A” Minor Peewee “AA”
Peewee “A” Peewee “AA”
Minor Bantam “A” Minor Bantam “AA”
Bantam “A” Bantam “AA”

In the event a tie exists for the 8th place position at the conclusion of the single round-robin (phase one) then a one game play-off shall take place as per GTHL rules related to determining play-off participation when a tie exists for the last play-off position.

The following is the “play-in” series structure for all tiered divisions:

5th Tier 1  vs.   4th Tier 2
6th Tier 1  vs.   3rd Tier 2
7th Tier 1  vs.   2nd Tier 2
8th Tier 1  vs.   1st Tier 2

  • At the conclusion of the play-in round the seedings will be based on the following:
  • 5th place – highest ranked team
  • 6th place – second highest ranked team
  • 7th place – third highest ranked team
  • 8th place – fourth highest ranked team
  • Rankings order
  • 5thTier 1
  • 6thTier 1
  • 7thTier 1
  • 8thTier 1
  • 1stTier 2
  • 2ndTier 2
  • 3rdTier 2
  • 4thTier 2

Tiered Divisions “Play-In” Playoff Format

  • The “play-in” format is a “first to 3 points” series. For example a win and tie would clinch the play-in series for one team.
  • The play-off TBAs that are listed in the schedule section will be used for the play-in games.
  • Games will be regulation GTHL length.
  • Tier 2 teams will be the home team for game 1, Tier 1 teams will be the home team for game 2.
  • If at the conclusion of game 2, teams are tied at 2 points each, a “mini-game” with sudden victory format will be played. A 3-minute break shall take place before the mini-game.
  • The game 2 game sheet on the electronic game sheet shall be used.  Line-up changes for the mini-game(Game 3) will have to be relayed to the game officials who will contact the GTHL office with any changes that were different than game 2. There are no game sheet fees for the mini-game to be paid.
  • Mini-games will consist of 10 minute periods. The first team to score will be declared the winner of the “mini-game” and the play-in series. The mini-game format is played until a winner.
  • Teams will not change ends to begin the “mini-game”.
  • Penalties being served at the conclusion of game 2 will be cleared to begin the “mini-game”.
  • Players serving a suspension will not be eligible to participate in the “mini-game”.
  • The “mini-game” will count as a game served towards any suspension.
  • A player who was ineligible to participate in game 2 due to a suspension, and whose suspension is completed after game 2, would be eligible to participate in the “mini-game”.
  • Teams will have one(1) timeout in the “mini-game”.
  • The Tier 1 team will be considered the home team for the “mini-game”.  This requires no change as the home team for game 2 is the higher seed.
  • The game officials will determine the flood schedule in the event of requiring more than one period of over-time.  Teams will only change ends after floods.

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